A New Horror Game Project Revealed-Taking on the spirit of "Clock Tower"

As announced today in IndieStreamFes2014, Nude Maker has begun development with
renown horror creators such as film director Takashi Shimizu and creature designer
Masahiro Ito
on a new horror game franchise, "Project Scissors".

This game is to be the 'spiritual successor' of the original "Clock Tower" franchise, and
delivers the ultimate horror adventure experience.

For details regarding the project and participating creators, please refer to the press release below.

View the Press Release

Stay tuned to this page for the latest information on "Project Scissors"!


"Dolly the Dolphin" available at App Store and Google Play!!

Our first native application "Dolly the Dolphin" is now available at App Store and Google Play.

Dolly the Dolphin and Jenny the Jellyfish are at it again;
Swimming out as far as they can into the ocean.

They will encounter obstacles like rocks as they swim, so you must help them by using jump and double jump to avoid being hit by the obstacles.


Title:Surf Action! Dolly the Dolphin
Price:Free to Play

Get it on Google Play     Get it at App Store


Interview by John Szczepaniak

Recently, John Szczepaniak visited us at our office for an interview with Hifumi Kouno.

John is a freelance writer/author from the UK, who is now working on documenting
the history of the Japanese videogames industry. The focus is on creating a historical
record for videogame companies, including those that no longer exist.
John prepared some intriguing questions for Hifumi Kouno to respond to, pertaining to games he has worked on from the Human Entertainment years up to the recent, and regarding recent events that have affected the videogames industry.

John's book on the history of the Japanese videogames industry is scheduled to be
out in the Summer of 2014. For those interested, it is definitely a book that you
should check out.

John, thanks for stopping by and good luck with your work!


We've redesigned our Web site!

We've redesigned our Web site!